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lftt-packaged-coffee.jpgWe’ve been a Flagstaff coffee roaster coffee since 1995.

It’s what we do. It's what we dream.

Our specialty is roasting dark and creating blends that are well-balanced, complex, and creatively nuanced so whatever your mood, we have the cup for you.

Roasting dark and blending is not all we do.  We also keep a rotating selection of new crop offerings of single origins on hand.  For these coffees, we look for exceptional clarity of taste and character so they really stand out in your cup.  We almost always roast our single origin offerings to a medium, full-city roast to balance the roast notes and help accentuate the nuances of origin, but lately we have really stepped into lighter roasts for some of our higher scoring single origins.  Some of our coffees are versatile enough for light or dark roasts.  If so, we'll let you know.  The roast is on every bag.

We put “MOUNTAIN FRESH” on every one of our bags because we believe you can taste the difference just like you can when bread is coming out of the oven. It's also because mountain fresh sums up what we love about Flagstaff!

As a side note; we're told one of the reasons our coffees taste great is due to roasting at 7,000 feet.  Altitude allows us to roast at lower temperatures and develop the sugars and carbohydrates longer so everything ends up sweeter and dark roasts don't get bitter.  

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