Get ready for your rise and shine or midday refresh!
This cup sparkles like liquid sunshine.

Day Break is our newest blend.  The specialty coffee trade has been through some awesome developments over the past 30 or so years since we opened our doors.  The quality of coffees we have to choose from is really overwhelming.  No one company holds the key to this paradise.  Growers are continuously putting new crop offerings out for us that are truly remarkable.  There are so many with incredibly delicious qualities that we can reliably get our hands on that we decided to pull a few together in a blend.  Day Break is as much about the roast as it is about the actual coffee.  We use a bit more convective heat and shorten the roast time by dropping Day Break right in the middle of the first crack, when the CO2 is popping and the sugars and acidity are at their brightest.  A mild caramelizing of sugars is just beginning here and flavors at this point in the roast tend to present varietal distinction with the most clarity.

Best enjoyed without cream and sugar – just black.  Wonderful poured over ice as well.