Our classic espresso experience.
Enchanting flavor nuances and intense aromas with a lingering finish.

When Late For The Train opened its doors in early 1993 espresso in America was for all practical purposes, dark swill.  We thought we’d put an end to that by making our espresso from a blend of coffees roasted light.  Our Portofino blend has gone through a few changes over the years but one thing remains the same; it’s still roasted lighter than our other offerings.

It’s what we like to call seasonal, but offered year ‘round.  In the Spring and Summer we bring in brighter, buttery tasting coffees to the blend.  Winter usually has us craving earthier, intensely flavored and complex components.  In all cases, it’s enchanting as it unfolds before you in your cappuccino or auto-drip when you’re crowd-pleasing or buckling up with a pot of coffee for a full day at work. 

As you likely know, but in case you don't; our coffee is roasted fresh weekly and shipped right after we pack it for you.