Brewing Communi-tea in a World Class Cup

Brewing Communi-tea in a World Class Cup

Posted by Benji Perkins on Mar 31st 2023

As April rolls in, the daffodils and tulips are beginning to pop up through the remaining snow, with their blooms looking to enjoy the warm sun as much as we are.

One of our most popular tea blends at the café is our Communi-tea.  It is the foundation for our Lhasa-Latte, which adds steamed milk and a touch of salt.  It also makes a fine cup of tea.  We blend a black tea from India with lavender flowers, cardamom, and cornflower petal to make a fragrant and flavorful product.

The blend is an homage to a cup of tea that was served to us by a dear friend after a harrowing day of travel in India.  Upon returning to Flagstaff, the memory of that cup lingered and inspired us to recreate it as best we could.

We are happy to announce that we now offer it for purchase on our website, along with another of our more popular tea offerings at the café.  

Seven Treasures is a blend of jasmine green tea with marigold flowers, hibiscus, lychee, and mango.  It not only makes a great hot tea option, but also a fantastic iced tea.  While we don't have as exciting a story behind this tea blend, we still think this one deserves attention.  In the summer months we offer this with our homemade lemonade for a new-wave Arnold Palmer.

We will be adding new tea options for purchase in the coming months, but if you have a favorite at the café that you would like to purchase, please drop us a line on our website.  These teas are offered in a 12 oz bag and will make about 60 servings.