Spring is right around the corner.

Spring is right around the corner.

Posted by Benji Perkins on Mar 20th 2023

After a snowy winter that saw some of the biggest snowfalls we have experienced in recent years, we are looking forward to warmer temperatures, green leaves and new crop offerings in the coffee world.  

Most coffee from Africa, Indonesia and Central America is harvested and processed from November through March.  That means that we are starting to get in some of those new crop offerings here at Late for the Train.

We are excited to have several new single origin coffees to offer you in the coming months. 

The first one we have to share is a natural processed coffee from East Timor.  It can be found in our cafe as well as online here. Most often coffees grown in Indonesia are washed coffees, as the high humidity and temperature of the environment makes it difficult to do a natural process. This is the first natural we have ever seen from East Timor, and it is a fantastic cup of coffee. 

We have roasted this on the lighter side to showcase some of the very soft flavors of strawberry and honeydew up front.  As the cup cools the acidity begins to change to a pomegranate or cranberry profile with a sweet backend.  It also has a very nice body and mouthfeel.  

We typically enjoy our coffee here at the roastery by using the pour-over method, but we have also tried this as a cold brew and typical drip preparation, all of which were very good.

We hope you enjoy this coffee, and keep your eyes peeled for more of these exciting new offerings soon.